Susan Kart

Susan Kart
Susan Kart
Assistant Professor of Art History and Africana Studies
Ph.D., Columbia University
Room 254, Department of Art, Architecture and Design Mt. Top Campus, Bldg C
Professor Kart joined the Art, Architecture, Design Department and the Africana Studies program at Lehigh University in 2013. Prior to this, she was Assistant Professor awarded Tenure at Sarah Lawrence College. She has also taught at Smith College, the Savannah College of Art and Design and Columbia University. She obtained her graduate and doctoral degrees from Columbia University and her undergraduate work was conducted at Smith College. Her teaching and research specializations are on the arts of Francophone West and Central Africa from the colonial period to the present.
Professor Kart began her career by directing the research and documentation components of the James J. Ross Archive of African Images 1590 – 1920:A Database of Published Images of African Art (RAAI). This online database, overseen by Dr. Susan Vogel and produced in conjunction with the Yale University Art Gallery is available to researchers online, greatly improving our access to and understanding of the early documentation of many sculpted objects. Professor Kart maintains an active interest in both this project and in the study of objects denoted as “historical” within the field of African Art.
Over the last 15 years, Professor Kart has been researching and documenting the works of individual contemporary artists both on the African continent and domestically. By building contemporary archives of artworks, Professor Kart is in a better position to systematically investigate cultural trends, political motivations and historical significance of late 20th century art in the works of African artists and artists of African descent. While her research in Africa takes place primarily in Senegal, Professor Kart's work has a more varied focus in the United States. She researches and lectures on the arts of Santería in Cuba, Haitian Vodou, African American Art, and contemporary artists who are also Women of Color. its variations in New York and Louisiana.  She is currently working on a theoretical investigation of the works of African-American artist Renée Stout and Nigerian-British artist Sokari Douglas Camp, both of whom feature prominently in  Kart's next book manuscript, Figures: A New History of the Body in African Art Praxis. Professor Kart received a Lehigh Faculty Research Grant in 2014 to support the completion of this volume.  
Professor Kart has published previously in Critical Interventions, African Arts, the African Studies Review, and is a contributor to the Stokstad/Cothren 5th edition Art History textbook. Her first book, a monograph on the Senegalese avant-garde sculptor, Moustapha Dimé, is currently under review for publication. She recently finished a commissioned review for Visual Resources: An International Journal of Documentation of the Eliot Elisofon Archives at the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art.