Architecture Major

Art, Architecture and Design Department Lehigh University-Architecture Major

The architecture major is a pre-professional course of study focused on architectural design studios, complemented by art studios, history and theory courses, and introductory materials and building technology courses. The major results in a Bachelor of Arts degree. (That degree should not be confused with the Bachelor of Architecture, a professional five-year degree.) Those students who major in architecture and graduate with the Bachelor of Arts degree and wish to pursue a professional career in architecture will be required to obtain a Master of Architecture from an institution offering a graduate program in architecture.


The architecture major is a comprehensive undergraduate education that is the first step in a series of educational and apprenticeship requirements leading to professional registration. Architecture majors regularly go on to the most respected graduate schools of architecture, with the University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, Washington University in St. Louis, and the University of Washington, among scores of institutions, actively seeking Lehigh graduates for their programs.


Alternatively, many architecture majors choose to work in fields allied to the discipline, such as interior design, adaptive reuse building, historic preservation, construction management, real estate development, etc.  Since for such paths professional architectural registration is not required, the Lehigh degree alone is the springboard to various careers that involve the making of the built environment.


Architecture Major: 62-64 credit hours required.

Foundations: 16 credits
ART 001       Art and Architecture History: Ancient to Medieval (4)
ARCH 002    Art History: Renaissance to Present (4)
ART 003      Two-Dimensional Design (4)
ART 004      Three-Dimensional Design (4)


Architectural Studios: 16 credits
ARCH 043    Architectural Design I (4)
ARCH 143    Architectural Design II (4)
ARCH 243    Architectural Design III (4)
ARCH 343    Architectural Design IV (4)


Select THREE (3) of the following additional studios: 11-12 credits:

ART 007      Digital Photography I (4)
ART 011      Drawing I (4)
ART 013      Sculpture I (4)
ART 015      Figure I (4)
ART 034      Plein Air Painting (4)
ART 035      Painting I (4)
ART 052      Introduction to Video Recording and Editing (4)
ART 111      Drawing II (4)
ART 113      Sculpture II (4)
ART 115      Figure II (4)
ART 135      Painting II (4)
DES 148      Furniture Design I (4)
DES 248      Furniture Design II (4)
ARCH 033   Architectural Drawing (4)
ARCH 123   Visualization and Fabrication in Architecture (4)
ARCH 211   Architectural Drawing/Analysis and Expressions (3)
ARCH 328   Architectural Representation (4)


History and Theory: 11-12 credits
ARCH 210    20th-Century Architecture (4)


Select TWO (2) of the following courses: 7-8 credits

ARCH 107    History of American Architecture (4)
ARCH 134    Architecture and Urbanism of New York City (4)
ARCH 159    Modern History and Sustainable Architecture in Munich (3)
ARCH 174    Greek Archaeology (4)
ARCH 176    Roman Archaeology  (4)
ARCH 187    Synthetic Space (4)
ARCH 209    Architecture and Ideas (4)
ARCH 212    The Architecture of Carlos Scarpa/Theory and Practice (3)
ARCH 214    Architecture and the City Since WWII (4)
ARCH 342    Theory of Form and Materials (4)
ARCH 335    Issues in Contemporary Architecture (4)
ART 124       Arts of the Black World 16th-20th Centuries (4)
ART 125       Art and Architecture of Africa from Colonial to Contemporary Times (4)
ART 221       Global Contemporary: Recent Art Movements Around the World (4)
DES 066       Design History (4)
HIST 334      American City in the Twentieth Century (3-4)
PHIL 123      Aesthetics (4)


Materials and Technology: 8 credits
ARCH 157    Architectural Technology I (4)
ARCH 158    Architectural Technology II (4)                                                                                                                          


For the Architecture Major, students must fulfill the mathematics requirement with MATH 21 & 22 or MATH 51 & 52 or MATH 75/76 and MATH 22 or MATH 52; the physical science requirement must be filled with either PHYS 10 or 11 - and the lab component - PHYS 12.


Departmental Honors
Exceptional students in Art, Architecture and Design may apply for departmental honors at the end of their junior year or at the beginning of their senior year. To be eligible a student must attain a 3.5 GPA in his or her major program and a minimum overall GPA of 3.0. Candidates should submit to the department chair a written proposal, prepared in consultation with a faculty advisor. The project could result in a research paper, design project or exhibition, and must be accompanied by an oral presentation. Successful completion of the project and presentation will result in the “Department Honors” designation to the student's transcript.


For course descriptions, please visit the course catalog.