Art Major

Art, Architecture and Design Department Lehigh University-Art Major

A major in art introduces the student to the basic media of art such as drawing, sculpture, painting, and photography. For those interested in becoming creative artists, intensive study at Lehigh as well as the other Lehigh Valley colleges is recommended; such students can expect to take more than the required number of credits for the major. A major in art may also focus on museum studies or graphic design.


A major in art can also be combined with psychology for those who seek a career in art therapy. It may also be combined with theater for those interested in costume design or with architecture and theater for those interested in set design. A major in art and minor in education is available for students interested in becoming public school art teachers.


The resources of the Lehigh University art collection and the Zoellner Art Center are made available to many students taking classes in art.


The Lehigh University Art Galleries maintain and develop the university's permanent art collection. LUAG presents temporary exhibitions, designed to provide visual literacy as part of the university learning experience. Exhibitions and gallery events supplement formal classroom study across the disciplines and create educational opportunities for the student body, enriching the cultural life of the campus and community at large. The university's public collection of outdoor sculpture, in a variety of sizes and materials such as steel, aluminum, bronze, slate and wood, can be found on all three campuses.


Approximately 20 exhibitions a year introduce contemporary topics in art and culture. The exhibition schedule includes gallery talks, lectures and workshops, as well as opportunities for research in the permanent collection. Experts in various fields serve as guest curators of special projects.


Minor programs are available in art, with an emphasis on studio art, art/architectural history, graphic design, and museum studies. Course requirements are specified, and a list of courses acceptable for the minor is available in the department.
Art Major: 44 credit hours required.            


Foundations: 20 credits
ART 001   Art and Architecture History: Ancient to Medieval (4)
ART 002   Art History: Renaissance to Present (4)
ART 003   Two-Dimensional Design (4)
ART 004   Three-Dimensional Design (4)
ART 011   Drawing I (4)
Art History: 4 credits
ART 220    20th-Century Art (4)
ART 221    Global contemporary: Recent Art Movements Around the World (4)
Art Studios: Select TWO (2) entry level discipline specific art studios: 8 credits
ART 007    Digital Photography I (4)
ART 013    Sculpture I (4)
ART 015    Figure I (4)
ART 034    Plein Air Painting (4)
ART 035    Painting I (4)
ART 052    Introduction to Video Recording and Editing (4)
Studio Workshop: TWO (2) semesters of the following: 8 credits
ART 217    Studio Workshop (4)
Art Capstone: 4 credits
ART 317    Capstone (4)


Departmental Honors
Exceptional students in Art, Architecture and Design may apply for departmental honors at the end of their junior year or at the beginning of their senior year. To be eligible a student must attain a 3.5 GPA in his or her major program and a minimum overall GPA of 3.0. Candidates should submit to the department chair a written proposal, prepared in consultation with a faculty advisor. The project could result in a research paper, design project or exhibition, and must be accompanied by an oral presentation. Successful completion of the project and presentation will result in the “Department Honors” designation to the student's transcript.


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