Thought and Action Symposium

Dominique Brown, Design '14 and Lisa Glover, Architecture '13 were selected from an elite pool of undergraduate applicants to participate and exhibit their research at Lehigh’s biennial Academic Symposium held on Thursday, April 4, 2013. The symposium, run by a committee under the auspices of the Office of Vice President and Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Studies invite presenters from a wide range of backgrounds and concentrations to enlighten and inspire the Lehigh community through lecture and exhibition.  For further information 2013 Academic Symposium 


    Dominique Brown 

    RIND - Fashion's Response to Organic Architecture

Through seamless integration of wearable technology Dominique pursues the notion of incorporating thermo, hydro, and phosphorescent chromatic inks, laser cut patterns and kinetic fabric to revolutionize intimate apparel.  She aspires exploring with materials such as imported pure hand-woven silk, satin, mesh, microfiber and organic electronic fabric.


    Lisa Glover

    Dynamic Bus Shelter

Lisa exhibited a model she conceived of a dynamic bus shelter in hopes that her design will be approved by the university and constructed at the current bus stop at Williams Hall.