Spring 2017 - New Course Offerings (not listed in the university catalog)


AAD Department Department - Spring 2017

Spring 2017 – Art, Architecture and Design Department

New course offerings - Not listed in the catalog



ARCH 098: Digital Drawing

4 credits – HU – Tuesday/Thursday: 9:20a-12:00p
Introduction to digital drawing with an emphasis on the latest computer programs used in design, architecture, and engineering practice. The act of drawing embodies a kind of magic. This magic has become even more awe inspiring through the development of powerful three-dimensional drawing, rendering, and BIM programs. Learn the basics of AutoCAD, SketchUp, Revit, and Rhino through simple design projects of your own creation. The course is geared towards freshman and sophomores eager to acquire skill with these programs and learn more about design and the built environment. 
Professor Ussler


ART 095: The Laws of Light

3 credits – HU – Thursday: 7:10-10:00p

In this course students will learn the laws of light and how to apply them to situations inside the studio and out. Course starts by exploring the physics of light through in class demonstrations.  Then we will use different light sources and modifiers to experiment with a wide range of lighting scenarios.  We will also focus on problem solving on set, as it is vital to understand what must be achieved in camera and what can be added in Photoshop. 
Professor Sally Bozzuto


ART 096: Digital Textile Design

2 credits – HU – First half of term – Monday/Wednesday: 1:10-4:00p

Digital textile printing has brought about revolutionary changes in textile design. Digital photography, scanning, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator will be used to create botanical and geometric patterns for textiles. 
Professor Anna Chupa


ART 097: Video and Motion Graphics

2 credits – HU – Second half of term – Monday/Wednesday: 1:10-4:00p

An introduction to Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects as tools for editing and compositing video, still photography, graphics and text.  
Professor Anna Chupa


ART 098 / LAS 098: Contemporary Photography from Latin America
4 credits – HU – Tuesday/Thursday: 1:10p-2:25p

Photography as contemporary art with an emphasis in Latin American Art from the Lehigh teaching museum.   Course will explore the power of photographs as a dominant 21st century visual art form.  Students work their way through today's explosive array of digital, one channel video, photo based and conceptual discourses of our remix culture from the 19th century invention to the evolutionary image-making of the 20th and 21st Century uses of photographic processes that have enriched our perceptions and our world. 
Professor Ricardo Viera  


ART 295: Writing Your Way In: A Seminar Course for Students Applying for Jobs, Internships and Graduate Studies in the Arts

2 credits – HU – Writing Intensive – Thursday: 7:10-10:25p
A weekly seminar designed to build proficiency in the writing of resumes, cover letters, personal statements and application materials for students who are considering careers, internships, and graduate studies in all fields of the arts.  The class is open to all students, and will be specifically helpful for junior and senior undergraduates majoring in art, design, architecture, art history, theater, music, and other fields in the visual and performing arts.  The class is writing intensive.  
Professor Nicholas Sawicki