The Richard Redd Award

Lisa and Richard

Lisa Glover - 2013 Receipant


The Richard Redd Award is awarded annually to a senior from the Department of Art, Architecture and Design. Any student in senior standing majoring in art, architecture, design or art history are eligible to receive this prestigious awards.  The winner is selected by a vote of the department faculty from the following criteria: Outstanding performance in the classroom and studio in the department major course of study. Significant contributions to the culture of the department, to the fostering of a healthy esprit de corps in the department. [The dictionary definition of espirt de corps: A sense of union, common interests and responsibilities, as developed amoung a body of associated persons]


Lisa is the first receipant of The Richard Redd Award.  She was honored with the award on April 26th at the annual AAD Senior Lunch held in Lehigh's University Center.