New Offering for Fall '15 - ART/AAS 196: Black Male: Representations in American Art -

4 credits (HU) – No prerequisites

Monday/Wednesday - 8:45-10:00 am

Instructor:  Berrisford Boothe

Course Description:  An investigation into representations of the black male character, persona, myth and reality in American art and culture.  Beginning with images of the black males by European Americans, we will evaluate the cultural and socio-political necessity of black male stereotype and look at ‘corrective images’. Course objective is to present images that shaped the African into the American ‘black’ while cataloguing a more relevant picture of the black male throughout shifting cultural “norms.”

Contemporary representations cover a wide spectrum of images which will be presented and cast against the earlier codified black male identity. Coursework requires research, writing and expressive studio art-making reactive to content.  

$75.00 lab fee per student.