New Courses for Fall 2014

ARCH 159:  Modern History and Sustainable Architecture in Munich  (3 credits) (SS or HU).

This Lehigh faculty-led study abroad program allows students from an array of majors to earn three credits over winter break. The program will explore the history, culture, and architecture of Munich, a capital and center of the southern state of Germany, Bavaria. The program of study does not require German language skills.   

Instructor: Nikolov  (SS or HU credit towards your major program requirements upon instructor approval).


ART/AAS/GS 221: Global Contemporary: Recent Art Movements Around the World  (4 credits) (HU)

Fulfills: Business global/persity requirement.

This course introduces contemporary artworks from around the world and artists that produce them. Topics include movements emerging in the last 40 years, some of which are: Revolutionary arts, Globalism, EcoArt, Postcolonial arts, phenomenological, experiential and new media arts. Global feminist projects, design/build production, graffiti and popular arts will be covered regularly. The Dakar, Venice and São Paulo Art Biennials as well as Documenta are explored as vectors for international artistic exchange and dissemination. Rotating case studies on the international built environment (e.g.: Qatar, Dubai, Singapore, Dakar) will be featured. Art Theory will be explored through iconographic, formal and contextual (political, social, financial) analysis. Movements will be situated against their historical frameworks as well as explored for their international scope and value. No pre-requisites. Instructor: Kart


ART 217: Studio Workshop (4 credits)

Studio Workshop is available to any student who has completed a first level discipline specific art studio such as Drawing I, Figure I, Painting I, Digital Photography I, or Sculpture I and is a designed for intermediate to advanced work in a specified medium. Prerequisites: A 100 level studio art class. Instructor permission required.


ART/LAS 228:  Photography as Contemporary Art   (4 credits)  (HU)

A history of photography in an in-situ class, at the LUAG Teaching Collection Visual Laboratories and Integrated Open Storage classroom. The course will explore the power of photographs as a dominant 21st Century universal visual art form, emphasizing Latino and Latin American photography.  The students will progressively work their way through today’s explosive array of digital, one channel video, photobase and conceptual discourses of our remix culture through evolutionary image-making of the 20th and 19th Century, and the uses of photographic processes that have enriched our perceptions and our world. Readings, group discussions and inpidual research. The course will conclude with a final project/paper:  a one figure or theme paper and a small group/team project (to be determined later). This will constitute the transformative approach to study the state of photography today. Instructor: Viera


ART 317: Art Capstone (4 credits)

Art Capstone is offered to senior art majors and is taught collectively by the studio art faculty.  Students focus on understanding and articulating their own interests and vision through research, written work, creation of new works of art, and critique. Prerequisites: Instructor permission required.


DES /Thtr 155:  Model Building and Rendering (4 credits)

The art and practice of model building and rendering for the stage. Special techniques including scale furniture, Instructor: Katakalos


DES 348:  Furniture Design III  (4 credits) (ND)  

Advanced fabrication, contemporary art issues and furniture history. Prerequisite Des 248.Department permission required. Instructor: Forsyth





ART 311 Art Portfolio 1-4 Credit

The concept, layout, and preparation of a portfolio for graduate school application or employment search, including graphic techniques and reproduction method. Student must contact sponsoring professor. Must have junior standing. Consent of instructor required. Attribute/Distribution: ND


ART 352 Advanced Studio Practice 1-4 Credit

Advanced studio for art or architecture majors under guidance of faculty. Oral and written critiques. Variable media. May be repeated for credit. Must have completed a third level (200 numbered) course of a studio art discipline. Consent of instructor required. Repeat Status: Course may be repeated. Attribute/Distribution: HU