Fall 2013 Art Course Offerings


Lehigh University AAD - Art 197 Illustration for TextART 197 - Illustration for Text 

(4 credits) (HU) - NEW FOR FALL 2013









Some would suggest that illustration's main goal is successfully interpret text and ideas into image. During the semester the student will learn how to deal with different kinds of text, visually, and how to adjust the final output to best fit a predefined target audience. For students with background in drawing or illustration.  


Instructor: Gabriella Barouch is a visiting artist and will be on campus for the fall semester.

Prerequisite: Any drawing class, such as Art 11, Des 3, Art 15, Arch 211 or AP class, or instructor approval. 

Course will count as an upper / advanced level studio for art and design major program requirements.

Meets on Mon/Wed 9:10 am -12:00 pm. No department permission required. CRN# 48795



Lehigh University AAD - Art195 Colonial to Contemporary: Arts of Africa from 1950-PresentART 195 - Colonial to Contemporary:

Arts of Africa from 1950-Present

(4 credits) (HU) - NEW FOR FALL 2013








This class explores art movements on the African continent and beyond, following artists of African descent as they exhibit and work around the world. The material will also be a spring board for discussing the impact of the colonial period on artists, how contemporary African art is received and perceived in the Euro-American museum, and how African art critics and artists are influencing the politics of global art production. Artists covered include Yinka Shonibare, William Kentridge, El Anatsui, Ndary Lo, Wangeshi Mutu, Aimé Mpané and emerging artists from Senegal, the Republic of Congo, Cameroon and many others. Theorists and critics include Sidney Kasfir, Okwui Enwezor, Sylvester Ogbechie, Hal Foster, Johannes Fabian, Kobena Mercer and more. 


Instructor: Professor Susan Kart is a new faculty member at Lehigh. She specializes in twentieth-century African art, Global African Art, Islamic arts in Africa, and colonial period African art, including religious arts. She received her Ph.D. from Columbia University.   


No prerequisites, HU, AAS Attribute.

Course meets global diversity requirement for CBE students.

Course will count as an art history elective in the design major history electives and as a history/theory elective in the architecture theory program requirements.

Course meets on Mon/Wed 8:45 -10:00 am. No department permission required. CRN# 49012.




Lehigh University AAD - ARCH 296 Old Buildings, New ArchitectureARCH 296 - Old Buildings, New Architecture

(4 credits) (HU) - NEW FOR FALL 2013








This new seminar/studio course focuses on the transformation of existing and historic buildings into new works of architecture and gaining an understanding of these buildings as transmitters of cultural and architectural meaning.  Students will examine Carlo Scarpa, Andre Putman, John Milner, Coop Himmelb(l)au, Herzog and De Meuron and other architects who design or are beginning to design within the historic context.  In addition to case studies, students will be introduced to the conservation of common historic building materials, preservation history and philosophy, governmental policy, and a preservation design project.  


Instructor:  Professor Christine Ussler is a Professor of Practice and practicing architect. She is principal owner of Artefact, Inc., an architectural firm located on the South Side of Bethlehem. http://www.artefactarchitecture.com/


No prerequisites

Course will count as a history/theory elective in the architecture theory program requirements.

Course meets on Tues/Thur.  10:10 am -12:00 pm. No department permission required. CRN# 48788




Lehigh University AAD - Photography as Contemporary Art

ART/LAS 298 - Photography as Contemporary Art  

(4 credits) (HU) - NEW FOR FALL 2013








A history of photography in an in-situ class, at the LUAG Teaching Collection Visual Laboratories and Integrated Open Storage classroom. The course will explore the power of photographs as a dominant 21st Century universal visual art form, emphasizing Latino and Latin American photography. The students will progressively work their way through today’s explosive array of digital, one channel video, photobase and conceptual discourses of our remix culture through evolutionary image-making of the 20th and 19th Century, and the uses of photographic processes that have enriched our perceptions and our world. Readings, group discussions and individual research. The course will conclude with a final project/paper:  a one figure or theme paper and a small group/team project (to be determined later). This will constitute the transformative approach to study the state of photography today.  


Instructor: Professor Ricardo Viera is a faculty member in the Department of Art, Architecture and Design and Director for the Lehigh University Art Galleries located in Zoellner Art Center.


No prerequisites.

Course will count as an art history elective in AAD major programs.

Course meets on Thursday 1:10-4:00 pm. No department permission required. CRN# 48798