Dale Strohl '58 Grant Recipients

A Dale Strohl '58 grant has been awarded to four outstanding students in the Art, Architecture and Design Department. Made possible by a generous gift from Dale S. Strohl ’58, the Office of the Vice President for Research and the College of Arts and Sciences offers funding to encourage students to engage in independent inquiry, artistic creation, and scholarship, under faculty supervision. The Dale S. Strohl ’58 Awards support research in the Humanities and Social Sciences for students working with any Lehigh faculty member. These grants are intended to expand the experiences, perspectives, and skills of our students through involvement in research.  Congratulations to the following students:


  • Hsuan Chen - Awarded a grant for her project titled "An Architectural Wall Installation: Seeing the Connection of Traditional Buildings with Contemporary Digitalized Pattern".  (2012-13)
  • Tess Fleming - Awarded a grant for her project titled "Natural Agglomeration: An Exploration of the Patterns and Variations in Nature as They Relate to Architectural Design".  (2012-13)
  • Bowman Johns and Pei Pei Yang - Awarded a grant for a collaborative project titled "Bethlehem Urban Analysis and Waterfront Development". (2012-13)
  • Taylor J. Brandes - Awarded a grant for his project: The Kinetic Bench: An exploration in designing and digitally fabricating a moveable, parametric architecture".  (2011-12)
  • Marina Curac - Awarded a grant for her project: "Project of planning, designing and production of a sitting pavilion".  (2011-12)
  • Alexander Gault - Awarded a grant for his project: "Project of design and development for and Architecture Pavilion for the Asa Packer campus". (2011-12)
  • Hana Harrison - Awarded a grant in support of her senior project titled "Student Faculty Portfolio Design System". 
  • (2011-12) 
  • Thomas M. McMurtrie - Awarded a grant in support for his senior project titled Program, Sunlight and Form: "Manipulation of a Pavilion Geometry for Function-Specific Solar Conditions". (2011-12)
  • Eric Shell - Awarded a Summer Research Fellowship project for "Advanced Development of Cinematography". (2011-12)


For further information and to apply for a Dale Strohl '58 grant visit the following link: Strohl '58 Grant