Award of Excellence - Professor Nik Nikolov

Weihnacht Hut Design - Nikolov Architecture and Design

Professor Nik Nikolov awarded the AIA Eastern PA 2015 Award of Excellence for his Weihnacht Hut Design.  Read excerpts and the follow links below to the AIA Eastern Pennsylvania and Lehigh University websites publicizing Professor Nikolov's award.


"This project starts with an effective and beautiful form and follows it up with well thought out details. The form works beautifully on its own but is an impressive sight when in multiple. While budgetary concerns may have lead the design, they are not the focus in the final product. Within its simplicity of form, while limited in budget, the designers showed a nuanced and thoughtful use of materials which created a surprisingly bold result. Though limited by budget one feels that the designers used this restriction as a springboard for inspiration."~


On Lehigh's home page article, Nikolov states "This is strictly a professional award, and as such it's a great recognition for your colleagues to recognize that you did something worthy of being 'best of."~