2014-2015 AAD Student Honors and Awards

Congratulations to the following AAD Students on their exemplary efforts and accomplishments.  We are proud to announce their esteemed honors.


Presidential Scholar - Kathryn Hooven, Elizabeth Phillips


Phi Beta Kappa - Kathryn Hooven and Katherine Koomar


Tau Beta Pi - Kathryn Hooven and Elaine Ivy


Leonard Pool Memorial Prize - Sathya Ram


Colonel Edward W. Rosenbaum Award - Daniel Shin


Strolh Award - Bijal Desai, Hannah Han, Kathryn Hooven, Alexandria Kennedy, Elizabeth Phillips, Jaclyn Sands, Monica Shell, Carli Sukonik, Brennen Stenke, Chester Toye and Yuquing Ye.


Richard Redd Award - Hannah Han


Horger Award - Lindsay Alexander, Evan Orf, Elizabeth Phillips and Jaclyn Sands


Williams Prize - Hannah Han, Eli Hess, Kathryn Hooven, Evan Orf and Colin Wolf