Design Major

Art, Architecture and Design Department Lehigh University-Design Major

The design major engages students with new technologies, materials and media in developing the creative processes and critical thinking necessary for the modern designer. The major centers on studio wherein an emphasis on visual communication through digital media is complemented by the traditional focus on art making. Courses in art and design history and theory and in specific media techniques supplement the series of required studios.


A student may take a range of department courses in design or may choose a specific concentration in either graphic design or product design. The graphic design concentration introduces students to the tools and media related to print applications, web-based media, exhibition design, publishing and advertising. Product design concerns the creation of objects used in industrial applications, art objects, furniture, toys, exhibits and trade design, electronic products, household items and recreational equipment.


Design Major: 48 credit hours required.


Foundation: 20 credits
ART 001     Art and Architecture History: Ancient to Medieval (4)
ART 002     Art History: Renaissance to Present (4)
ART 003     Two-Dimensional Design (4)
ART 004     Three-Dimensional Design (4)
ART 011     Drawing I (4)


History: 4 credits
ART 220     20th-Century Art (4)
ART 221     Global contemporary: Recent Art Movements Around the World (4)


Concentration: 24 Credits


Graphic Design: 12 credits

DES 053     Introduction to Graphic Design (4)
DES 153     Graphic Design: Word and Image (4)
DES 253     Graphic Design: Brand Experience (4)


Plus THREE (3) elective studios: 12 credits
ART 007     Digital Photography I (4)
ART 035     Painting I (4)
DES 040     Product Design I: Form, Process & Concept (4)
DES 070     Web Design I (4)
DES 170     Web Design II (4)
DES 385     Fusion: Design Practice (4)


Product Design: 12 credits

DES 040     Product Design I: Form, Process & Concept (4)
DES 140     Product Design II: Designing for Others (4)
DES 240     Product Design III: Material to Market (4) (or  a TE class in consultation with advisor)


Plus THREE (3) elective studios: 12 credits
ART 013     Sculpture I (4)
DES 053     Introduction to Graphic Design (4)
DES 070     Web Design I (4)
DES 148     Furniture Design I (4)


Departmental Honors
Exceptional students in Art, Architecture and Design may apply for departmental honors at the end of their junior year or at the beginning of their senior year. To be eligible a student must attain a 3.5 GPA in his or her major program and a minimum overall GPA of 3.0. Candidates should submit to the department chair a written proposal, prepared in consultation with a faculty advisor. The project could result in a research paper, design project or exhibition, and must be accompanied by an oral presentation. Successful completion of the project and presentation will result in the “Department Honors” designation to the student's transcript.


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