Spring 2018 Recommended course offerings for First-Year students

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ART 002:  Art History: Renaissance to Present 4 Credits CRN 10117
Survey of art and architecture from the Renaissance through the contemporary era.  Examing developments in printing, sculpture, and built environment, as well as the rise of media such as printmaking and photography, the course explores the changing form and status of the visual arts in modern culture and society.   Attribute/Distribution: HU   An ideal first art class with no enrollment restrictions.  
ART 003:   Two-Dimensional Design   4 Credits    Two sections offered CRN’s  12968, 12969
This class will present the foundations necessary to understand, discuss and create in the two-dimensional visual world. Using variety of materials and techniques and digital media, students will explore the concepts of line, form, shape, value, texture, space and color.  Required for all majors in department.    Attribute/Distribution: HU   A good introduction for students considering Graphic Design.
ART 004:   Three-Dimensional Design   4 Credits CRN 12970
An introduction to the basic elements and principles of design. Involves use of various materials to solve 3D design problems in studio and computer lab. Problem solving in variety of materials for 3D design including assemblages, models, constructions, and conceptual forms. Required for all majors in department.  Required for all majors in department.   Attribute/Distribution: HU 
A good introduction for students considering Architecture or Product Design.
ART 011:  Drawing I    4 Credits   Two sections offered CRN’s 11720, 14285
Concepts and practice of drawing, both traditional and contemporary. Includes drawing from life and an introduction to materials and techniques.  Required for Art and Design majors in department. Attribute/Distribution: HU
ART 013:  Sculpture I    4 Credits, CRN 13567
Projects directed toward developing design in sculpture. Exploration of materials and their application. Emphasis on sculptural form as it relates to techniques.   Attribute/Distribution: HU
ART 096:   Digital Textile Design 4 credits CRN 13562
Digital Textile printing has brought about revolutionary changes in textile design.  Digital photography, scanning Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator will be used to create botanical and geometric patterns for textiles.  Attribute/Distribution: HU 
ARCH 002:  Architectural History II    4 credits CRN 10588 
Survey of architecture from the Renaissance to the present, examined in the context of culture formation, design concepts, and the built environment.  A good introductory class for students considering Architecture.   Attribute/Distribution: HU 
ARCH 098:  Digital Drawing    4 credits CRN 13613 
Introduction to digital drawing with an emphasis on the latest computer programs used in design, architecture, and engineering practice. The act of drawing embodies a kind of magic. This magic has become even more awe inspiring through the development of powerful three-dimensional drawing, rendering, and BIM programs. Learn the basics of AutoCAD, SketchUp, Revit, and Rhino through simple design projects of your own creation. The course is geared towards freshman and sophomores eager to acquire skill with these programs and learn more about design and the built environment.  Course fulfills studio elective for architecture major program requirements.   Attribute/Distribution: HU 
DES/THTR 096:  Intro to Fashion    4 credits CRN DES 14444 THTR 13630
An introduction to conceptual garment design.  Research, devise, and develop collections of apparel and accessories.  Basic elements of fashion theory, design processes, and rendering techniques.    Attribute/Distribution: HU 
DES/THTR 097:  Digital Rendering    4 credits CRN DES 14445 THTR 14418
The ability to communicate your vision clearly and evocatively is crucial for a designer.  This course explores the use of modern technology to aid in developing and communicating design ideas with speed, clarity, and visual punch.  Implement strategies geared toward increasing the young designer’s confidence in presenting artistic concepts.  Learn the basics of Photoshop and SketchUp and then apply those skills in creative execution of scenic, costume, and lighting renderings.   Attribute/Distribution: HU