Museum Studies Minor

Art, Architecture and Design Department Lehigh University-History of the Visual Arts Minor (for Non-Art Majors)

Museum Studies Minor: 16-20 credit hours required.  

Required courses:

ART 175     Introduction to Museum Work (4)
ART 275*   Museums: Research, Collections Management and Exhibition Planning (4)

ART 276*   Museums: Education, Communication & Exhibition Design (4)
ART 370     Special Topics in Museum and Curatorial Studies (1-4)
ART 375!    Museum Internship (1-4)



* ART 275 and 276 can be taken in any order, however ART 175 must be taken before 275 or 276.

!  The internship must be arranged with an instructor one semester in advance.  An application form is required.



For course descriptions, please visit the course catalog.