Art History Major

Art, Architecture and Design Department Lehigh University-Art History Major

The art history major introduces students to the study of works of art as they relate to the historical and cultural contexts in which they are produced. Students will be exposed to a broad range of artistic production, from antiquity through the present, and to the varied intellectual concerns and methodological approaches that characterize the discipline. Because the discipline of art history approaches the study of works of art from diverse concerns and interests, students will also learn to use evidence from the study of history, religion, economics, politics, literature, and gender studies. The art history major trains students in critical thinking and analytical skills that provide an excellent foundation for careers or further study in the field of art history, as well as for a wide range of other professional and educational options. Many students of art history at Lehigh have gone on to jobs in art galleries, museums, and other cultural institutions, or to graduate study in art history. Others have gone on to successful careers in such fields of law, business, and medicine.


Art history majors have a wealth of resources at Lehigh University. Majors are encouraged to make use of the original works of art in the collection of the Lehigh University Art Gallery, and the Special Collections of the Lehigh's library.  Students are also able to study abroad through programs such as the Lehigh in Rome and Florence program and Lehigh in Paris program, as well as a number of semester abroad programs available to Lehigh students. Proximity to major art museums in New York and Philadelphia provide superb opportunities for studying first-rate, original works of art. Field trips to these cities are organized regularly through the Department of Art and Architecture.


Art History Major: 37-40 credit hours required.


Foundations: 16 credits
ART 001   Art and Architecture History: Ancient to Medieval (4)
ART 002   Art History: Renaissance to Present (4)
ART 003   Two-Dimensional Design (4)
ART 004   Three-Dimensional Design (4)


Concentration: 12-16 credits
Concentration requirements consist of three to four courses.  Students choose from one of three available concentrations areas:  History of the Visual Arts, History of Architecture, and Museum Studies


History of the Visual Arts
ART 220   20th-Century Art (4)
ART 221   Global Contemporary: Recent Art Movements Around the World (4)
ART 356   Advanced Seminar in Art History (4)


History of Architecture
ARCH 002   Architectural History II (4)
ARCH 107   American Architecture (4)
ARCH 210   20th-Century Architecture (4)


Museum Studies
ART 175   Introduction to Museum Work (4)
ART 275   Museum: Research, Collections Management and Exhibition Planning (4)
ART 276   Museum: Education, Communication and Exhibition Design (4)
ART 375   Museum Internship (1-4)


Electives: 6-12 credits
Elective requirements normally consist of three courses (9-12 credit hours).  For students in the museum studies concentration, elective requirements consist of two courses (6-8 credit hours). Choose from any of the courses listed above, as well as:


ANTH 112   Doing Archaeology (4)
ANTH 172   North American Archaeology (4)
ANTH 175   Britain After the Romans (4)
ANTH 177   Britain Before the Romans (4)
ANTH 178   Mesoamerican Archaeology (4)
ANTH 340   Archaeological Theory (4)
ANTH 370   Historical Archaeology (4)
ARCH 134   Architecture and Urbanism of New York City (4)
ARCH 209   Architecture and Ideas (4)
ARCH 212   The Architecture of Carlos Scarpa (3)
ARCH 214   Architecture and the City since World War II (4)
ARCH 253   Paris: Plan of Metropolis (3)
ARCH 271   Special Topics in Architecture (1-4)
ARCH 335   Issues in Contemporary Architecture (4)
ART 069     Special Topics in Art History (1-4)
ART 121     Women in Art (4)
ART 124     Arts of the Black World 16th to 20th Centuries (4)
ART 125     Art and Architecture of Africa from Colonial to Contemporary Times (4)
ART 169     Special Topics in Art History (1-4)
ART 174     Greek Archaeology (4)
ART 176     Roman Archaeology (4)
ART 183     France-Medieval to Modern: Politics, Society and Art (3)
ART 222     Seminar in Art History (4)
ART 227     Latino Visual Arts and Culture (4)
ART 228     Photography as Contemporary Art (4)
ART 269     Special Topics in Art History (1-4)
ART 370     Special Topics in Museum and Curatorial Studies (1-4)
ART 389     Honors Project (1-8)
DES 066     Design History (4)
DES 129     History of Fashion and Style (4)
DES 266     History of Contemporary Design (4)
FREN 322   Contemporary French Films (4)
GERM 231  New German Cinema (4)
HIS 333      American City to 1900 (3-4)
HIS 334      American City in the 20th Century (3-4)
HIS 339      Managing Nonprofit Organizations (3-4)
HIS 350      19th-Century Paris and the Invention of Modernity (4)
MLL 073     Film, Fiction and Gender in Modern China (4)
MLL 100     Introduction to International Film (4)
PHIL 123    Aesthetics (4)
PHIL 223    Figures and Themes in Aesthetics (4)
SPAN 265   Spanish and Latin American Cinema (4)


Departmental Honors

Exceptional students in Art, Architecture and Design may apply for departmental honors at the end of their junior year or at the beginning of their senior year. To be eligible a student must attain a 3.5 GPA in his or her major program and a minimum overall GPA of 3.0. Candidates should submit to the department chair a written proposal, prepared in consultation with a faculty advisor. The project could result in a research paper, design project or exhibition, and must be accompanied by an oral presentation. Successful completion of the project and presentation will result in the “Department Honors” designation to the student's transcript.


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