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About Our Academic Programs

The three primary department disciplines: Art, Architecture and Design, share a common focus on design, visual literacy, the creative process and the making of a built environment. The emphasis on design as a broad concept shapes student's aesthetic principles and initiates the structuring of their individual creative process. 

To that end, the department offers undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degrees in four majors:

Minor programs are available in:

All programs are philosophically cross-disciplinary as students are encouraged to take advantage of the many learning environments that constitute a university. Significant resources for all four disciplines include the Lehigh University permanent art collection and archives as well as numerous on-campus galleries and the Zoellner Arts Center. Students are encouraged to make use of the collections and facilities to enhance and enrich studios and courses and to help shape their own creative work.

Major Declaration and Registration

Most studio courses require department permission. The student interested in majoring in any of the department’s disciplines should contact the program coordinator to schedule an appointment with an adviser well before pre-registration so that he or she can be rostered at the appropriate time. Registration preference is given to majors who have declared before pre-registration begins.  For registration schedules, please visit the Registrar's page: http://www.lehigh.edu/~inrgs.

Individually Structured Programs

Programs can be individually tailored to emphasize art history, art with a focus on architectural design, art history with a focus on museum training, art education, set design, and architecture with a concentration on planning, urban studies, graphic communications, or government. There also are architectural competitions in design. 

After earning a B.A. in art or architecture, you may pursue graduate work elsewhere and obtain a M.Arch., a M.F.A. in studio specialty, or a M.F.A. and M.G.D. in graphic communication, or pursue graduate work in museum studies. For example, students in architecture have done graduate study at Yale University, Harvard University, Penn State University, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Calif.-Berkeley, University of Maryland, and Washington University – St. Louis. Students have pursued careers as architectural professionals, graphic designers, museum professionals and in urban studies, civil engineering, planning, and construction management.